Claever Associates organises trade fairs and congresses, both in Belgium and abroad.

Exhibitors who participate in one of our trade fairs or congresses benefit from these two types of complementary expertise. The knowledge that Claever has accumulated over the years, combined with its commitment to its clients, means that the services we provide go above and beyond what one might normally expect from a trade fair organiser.

Our mission is to assist our participants in a professional and customer-friendly manner while they are taking part in one of our events: from A to Z.

We work with a number of specialised partners to organise a series of extra activities at every trade fair, congress and event to ensure that our participants get the most out of their involvement. Extra activities include:

  • Workshop: “How to get b organised: before, during and after the trade fair”
  • Meet & Greet
  • Enthusiasm coaching
  • Team Building
  • Targeted marketing techniques, such as e-marketing via your website, newsletters, etc